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As a marketing lead of a well-known brand of HPV vaccine, I have conducted many market research activities for studying the behavioral pattern of Indian women. Also spoken with many reputed gynaecologists and paediatricians across the country.

It was disheartening to see the kind of negative and procrastinating approach women had for a vaccine that can prevent a fatal cancer and provide them a healthy future.

These are the very ladies who would spend thousands of rupees on the phone, jewelry, clothes but were least bothered to preserve the most precious gift - their body!

All these things were discussed, we finished that strategy discussion workshop and I boarded the flight.

Something was still bothering me.. that feeling of having a “Missing link” or “Something going wrong somewhere” was there at the back of the mind.

And my self-talk started ….

On the one hand, we women insist on EQUAL RIGHTS...EQUAL PAY etc and expect that our society and our government should give that to us. But on the other hand, we DO NOT PRIORITIZE ourselves. How ironic is that!

This reminded me of an incident from my early days in Product Management.

We were having a review with our CEO ... so the atmosphere was a bit tense. And As usual, the blame game between sales and marketing team and other departments started.

Our CEO interrupted the presentation and what he said after that is something I remember even now and will remember in the future as well.

He said, "Start saying - I AM RESPONSIBLE”. It will be very easy for you to bring the change. It's always better to change our behavior and attitude than to change the world. "

This approach is applicable even to this self-neglecting attitude of women.

We women, need to take care of ourselves "BEFORE” taking care of others; so that we need not wait for someone to TREAT us with that so called “EQUALITY”.

As a parent also this act of yours will make your children realize the significance of self-care… importance of chasing one’s dream. And that’s what will make you a GOOD MOM!

I was noting all those thoughts on the paper and I overheard the announcement by the flight attendant - "During emergency wear your mask 'first' before helping others".

I said "CERTAINLY" #HPV #cervicalcancer #genxparenting #momlife #selfcare #selflove #parentingtip PC: Google

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