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Teaching beyond books

I was one of those moms who had to take a break from her career during the lockdown times. I started penning down my thoughts and decided to give it an organized look with a blog page called GenX Parenting (

Later started making vlogs as #theroadlesstravelled. And that gave me an opportunity to meet many of my acquaintances and had a close interaction with some unknown people who successfully went out of their way to try something different.

I found few things common with these people

Firstly all of them had deliberately broken their comfort zone...

Secondly, all of them had failed many times...

Third and the most weird thing was that, all of them attributed their success to their ATTITUDE and not to any of the indicators of APTITUDE like marks or qualification etc.

I am not trying to demean significance of APTITUDE; however, would certainly like to emphasize that in practical situations, the way one responds to the problems, manages one’s emotions i.e. the ATTITUDE always scores.

But unfortunately, this attitude is not taught in any school. It is learned from the behavior of the parents, the environment in which an individual operates and most importantly from one's own experiences.

Thinking even deeper I felt, careers have changed over time, range of options available is certainly wider, but the concept of success is still attached to MONEY.

Our grandparents had not seen much comforts, even our parents had experienced scarcity and probably therefore for them “work = money” was the simple equation.

But our generation has seen money, enjoyed the comforts due of globalization, and now we are also experiencing the mid-life crisis that comes with running after a socially acclaimed “successful career”.

So, shouldn't we teach our children to think beyond Marks, Job and Salary as definitions of SUCCESS? Shouldn't we be talking to them about Job Satisfaction, Passion for work?

But here the fear is - Failure. And hence we prefer to make safe choices.

This thought was reiterated recently during a vlog with a cognitive behavioral therapist. She put forth it beautifully saying that – “There is no guarantee of success in life but failures are guaranteed. Then as a parent, it is important to teach our children how to digest failure. This will help them dare to make different choices and stand by them even against all odds.

So let’s NOT prepare our kids for the exam or for a job; let’s prepare them for LIFE .

Rather that will make them “Well-educated”.

What do you think? Share it in comments :)

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